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Why am I experiencing problem with the activation?

Supremo needs to access the domain in order to validate the activation.

If it can’t access the domain, you won’t be able to activate the client or your activation will be disabled.

A proxy server, a firewall or …

Why did Supremo loose the static password?

There was probably a corruption of the settings.dat file, located inside the path C:\ProgramData\SupremoRemoteDesktop.

We suggest to uninstall the service (if installed), close Supremo, delete the settings.dat file and then re-launch Supremo.

Of course, Supremo must be re-configured. The …

Why doesn’t Supremo start?

If you double-click on the Supremo.exe executable and nothing happens, follow this procedure:

  • create a shortcut to the Supremo.exe file;
  • edit the shortcut Properties;
  • add the parameter “/SYSRUN” after the path, separated by a space and without le quotes;

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