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Supremo 4 is out

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Supremo 4 brings a modern interface, enabling a more efficient overall management of your remote session. We have prioritized users’ interaction and this is why the new version brings several UX improvements such as a completely new architecture.
Developed to provide the best control experience, Supremo 4 is tailored to the needs of all its users.

For macOS


The list of compatible operating systems expands continuously.
Indeed, Supremo comes to macOS and we are proud to announce the release of a new BETA client: you will soon be able to connect to and from macOS devices.
Keep following our latest news and use the form below if interested to apply for the coming “macOS Private Beta Testing” (just need to send your company details, including Company Name and Email Addrss used to register to our websites).



It will be possible to activate a Supremo client running on Ubuntu 16.04 (and newer) with the latest stable version of WINE (4.0.1).
NOTE: from a Linux device you will be able to screen sharing and control. From Windows to Linux will be supported screen sharing only.
Native Linux support will be available soon.



NEW Group sharing


You will be able to share Groups from your address book setting the following permissions options: “Read-only” or “Read and write” (to allow editing).
For example, a user (e.g. a company manager) can add contacts to her/his address book and then decide who (e.g. one of her/his employee) can consult them.
Any changes to the computer properties have to be edited once only and will be shared automatically with all the accounts with whom the group has been shared.
Sharing can be suspended at any time.
Note: only the owner of the group can delete and move contacts into the group.
Read more about “Online Reports” to discover all the potential of this feature

NEW Online Reports


Online Reports (access to USilio) will allow you to collect, view, filter and export information related to control sessions. Reports collect data about the sessions launched from your Supremo clients and those from the USilio accounts with whom you have shared Groups. Therefore, information about sessions launched to IDs in a shared Group will be collected and visible into Group owner’s reports. You will be always updated in real time about connections performed by users with whom you have shared contacts.

NOTE: Online Reports will be only available for subscribers of a Supremo plan and requires to be logged in to the address book.

NEW Screen resize


It’s now possible to choose between three remote view modes: “Auto”, “Original” and “Scaled”.
Auto: control area will be adjusted if remote monitor resolution is larger than the windows size or, otherwise, left as original if windows size is larger than the remote-controlled monitor resolution
Original: control view area will not be adjusted keeping a direct correlation between the resolution of the remote-controlled monitor and the size of the controller view area. User can move inside remote view using scrollbars.
Scaled: control view area will be equally adjusted if the resolution of remote monitor is larger or smaller than the windows size.

NEW Online Address book


Many new features will allow you to:

  • access your contacts wherever you are, in total mobility and security
  • find out client you can connect to thanks to the Online/Offline status
  • share contacts of your Address Book with your assistants and add or edit contacts information with the certainty of having them updated in real time
  • collect, view, filter and export information related to remote control sessions performed with Supremo using the new Online Reports

Easily import all your contacts and use them wherever you are.



Try out the newest features before anyone else: we’re really eager to get your feedback.
Feel free to send us constructive criticisms and improvement suggestions.


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