Terms and conditions of sale

Purchase terms and conditions

Nanosystems Srl
Via del Commercio 76/A, 63100 Ascoli Piceno (AP) – Italia
VAT ID: IT01085650446
N. REA AP-111997

Nanosystems Srl’s products are not sold; copies of Nanosystems’ products are given in license to the User instead, through the distribution channel. For this reason, in this document, it is made reference to the sell of one license of the product.
These general conditions rule the relationship between Nanosystems Srl and the Client having regard to the purchase of one license of the software products by the Client from Nanosystems Srl.
The Client acknowledges that the license granted of the software is made by Nanosystems Srl through internet, in online modalities at the following conditions:

1) Definitions

In this document, the following terms shall have the meaning hereinafter specified:
Nanosystems srl”: is the company owner of all the rights to exploit the intellectual property of the Products, with offices in Ascoli Piceno, via del Commercio 76/A;
Purchaser”: it is the subject who requires to buy one license of one or more products of Nanosystems Srl;
Product”: it is one or more software of which Nanosystems Srl owns the intellectual property and that is granted in single licenses;
License”: means the right deriving from the grant of Nanosystems Srl, as defined and specified in the terms of the license of use published on the Site;
Consumer Code”: meand the D.Lgs. 206/2005.

2) Registering on the website

In order to proceed with sending the online request to buy, the Purchaser will have to register on the web page of Nanosystems Srl, giving all the data that are requested for the correct execution of the agreement. The Purchaser gurantees that all data provided to Nanosystems Srl are correct, updated and true. Nanosystems Srl reserves the right not to accept the purchase order in case the Purchaser will not give, following express request from Nanosystems Srl, adecuate prove of identity, of the domicile or residence or, eventually, of his quality of legal representative.

3) Product’s license purchase conclusion

The purchase agreement of the license of the Product is concluded when the Purchaser, by clicking on the button “Proceed with the payment”, sends to Nanosystems Srl the online purchase order of the selected Products and included in the cart, together with the payment of the amount required. Nanosystems Srl will send an email confirming the correct receipt of the online purchase request. Validity of the license object of purchase depends from the validity and the correct fulfillment of these Purchase Terms and Conditions.
Purchaser agrees that the electronic register (‘log’) of www.nanosystems.com, produced and conserved by Nanosystems Srl in accordance with the Privacy regulation, can be shown following the Authority’s request and in case of dispute, it shall constitute full and unquestionable prove of the facts and the acts made by the Purchaser in relation with Nanosystems Srl.

4) Purchase terms and conditions approval

The online transmission to Nanosystems Srl of the order to purchase the software products and the payment of the amount request represent the complete approval of the general condition of this agreement.

5) Delivery

Nanosystems Srl will deliver the Products included in the online purchase order sent from the Purcaser, and confirmed by Nanosystems Srl through a purchase confirmation email, via internet through the download of the Product directly made by the Purchaser.

6) Payment

When a new request of purchase is made, the electronic purchase form will highlight in a clear and evident way the total cost of the selected products including VAT, when applicable. Products prices make reference to Nanosystems Srl price list operating when the purchase order of the same products is sent. Payment shall be done in euro and prices are shown in such value; prices shown in USD in the website are merely indicative, as they might change following the exchange rate applied by the bank or the credit card company at the moment of the payment.
At the same time the purchase order is sent, Clint will have to pay Nanosystems Srl the price set for the required service including VAT when applicable as per law, and any other tax burden. Payment of the product can be done in one of the modalities specified in the online form, these being bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.
Should the client decide to pay via PayPal, the Client can pre-approve future payments related to the Authomatic Renewal of all services underwritten with Nanosystems Srl. To disable the pre-approval it will be enough to log in the Reserved Area, open the Purchase Pre-Approval and click on Unable Pre-Approval.
In case the Client will not make the payment following these Purchase Terms and Conditions, he shall not be able to enforce rights or to raise any exception.

7) Termination of the Agreement by the Client

Client has the right to terminate the Purchase Agreement of selected Products License within 14 days from the moment the Product is downloaded, by emailing Nanosystems Srl the intention to terminate the agreement to customercare@nanosystems.it. Following such communication of termination, Client will have to remove and/or uninstall the Product and cannot use it anymore; Nanosystems Srl will reimbourse the Product’s purchase price within 48 hours from receiving the Termination communication, only in case the Client will have removed and/or uninstalled the Product.

8) Termination of the Agreement by Nanosystems Srl

In case the Client shall not respect these Purchase Terms and Conditions, Nanosystems Srl will be allowed to termiante the agreement holding the sums paid by the Client as reimbursment of the damages, following communication to the Client.

9) Product Warranty and Technical Assistance

Nanosystems Srl guarantees the correct functioning of the Product included in the online order by the Client for a period of 2 years from the purchase.
In order to claim for such warranty and/or to require Nanosystems Srl’s intervention, the Client will have to open a ticket to the technical assistance through the page https://www.supremocontrol.com/contacts/, filling the form entirely.

10) Nanosystems Srl’s responsibility exclusion

The Products offered by Nanosystems Srl are distributed as is published in the website www.nanosystems.com and on the official web page of the product that the Client, by approving these general conditions, specifically declares to know and to accept.
All and any esplicit or implicit warranty are specifically excluded unless it is otherwise provided by Italian laws. Not Nanosystems Srl, nor any of it’s employee or agent, guarantee the eligibility of the products offered by Nanosystems Srl to any specific function that is not it’s own, as it is possible to read on the single Product web page. Nanosystems Srl or whoever has took part to the creation, production or supply of the products offered by Nanosystems Srl cannot be considered in any way responsible for the loss of data or any other direct or indirevt damage connected to the use of the purchased product.
Nanosystems Srl cannot be considered responsible for the impossibility of installing the Product, when such circumstance is not attributable to the unsuitability of the Client’s computer.
Nanosystems Srl decline any possible resonsibility towards Clients or third parties for the failed or incorrect use of the software object of the described service.

11) Privacy

All data provided by the Client to Nanosystems Srl directly or indirectly are protected by the laws on the Privacy. Following such laws, Nanosystems Srl has prepared a policy that is avaliable for the Client at the moment of the purchase and in the reserved area on the company’s web pages.

12) Claims

Client can send claims to Nanosystems Srl’s offices in Via del Commercio 76/A, 63100 Ascoli Piceno (AP) Italia o via email to customercare@nanosystems.it.

13) Consumer Code Applicability

The Italian Consumer Code is applicable to the sole Client who purchase the Product as final user; it is understood that to the Client who purchases the Product for professional use or for scopes related to his entrepreneur activity, art. 7 of this document shall not be applicable, nor the discipline of the Consumer Code in general. The connection with the entrepreneur or professional activity can be deducted from the request of invoice and/or receipt useful for the tax deduction.

14) Terms and Conditions Modifications – Competent Court – Applicable Law – Communications

No modification or addendum shall be valid unless there is a specifical written approval from the parties.
The applicable law to this agreement is the Italian; for any dispute connected to the interpretation, execution and termination of these General Terms and Condition shall be competent only the Court of Ascoli Piceno (Italia).
Any communication to the Client connected to this agreement shall be delivered by hand, via email, via registered letter and/or regular mail or via PEC to nanosystems@pec.it.