Remote desktop control made easy and quick.
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Pricing and plans

Subscribe a plan to control remote servers / PCs for commercial purposes or host Meetings. Your customers just have to download Supremofor free – and wait for your help.

Choose the subscription period:

  • Max simultaneous connections allowed
  • Extra connections


98€* / year

  • 1
  • not expandable

  • Unlimited installs on unlimited number of servers / PCs
  • Support and updates included
  • Installable as a service
  • Works behind firewalls
  • Hosts online Meetings
  • Integrated chat and file transfer utility
  • Customizable with your brand/logo
    Want to try Supremo? Download it now, first 21 days of use are free.

    *: prices don’t include VAT

    Need help understanding the plans? Take a look to these examples:

    Example 1: ACME Ltd. has 3 technicians who use the 5 PCs of their lab to provide remote support to over 60 customers. What plan should they buy?

    With a Supremo Business plan, ACME Ltd. can activate all the 5 PCs of the lab and its technicians can control up to 3 remote machines at the same time. All the 3 technicians can connect at the same time to 1 remote machine each OR 1 technician can control 3 remote machines simultaneously from its PC OR any other combination not surpassing the 3 remote sessions at the same time.

    If ACME needs up to 4 remote simultaneous control sessions (also called controls), they can purchase an extra connection from the Reserved Area.

    Example 2: John Smith is a professional photographer needing a remote access software to control its office PC from home (desktop PC) and, occasionally, from its laptop. What plan does he need?

    While the Supremo Solo plan allows 1 remote connection at time, it’s possible to activate an unlimited number of PCs. So John can activate both the home desktop PC and the laptop and use them alternatively to control the office PC. Of course, he won’t be able to control 2 or more machines at the same time.

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