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Supremo – 04/29/2019

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed bug when opening the Address Book due to the presence of characters into Supremo ID field
  • Improved informative on commercial use
  • Fixed issue using Copy/Paste
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 02/26/2019

New features
  • Introduced Terminal Server support: in a Terminal Server environment a different ID will be created for each user. It will make possible to use Supremo simultaneously and independently
  • It is now possible to check the On/Off-Line status of contacts in the address book
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed bug using Drag&Drop for file transfer on Windows Server 2003R2
  • Fixed bug using Copy/Paste on Windows Server 2003R2
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 09/05/2018

New features
  • It’s now possible to check Supremo ID and version using the registry key “HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Supremo” for 64 bit or “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Supremo” for 32 bit systems
  • Connections to Supremo servers use now DNS names to facilitate any firewall configurations (read here)
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow the Ctrl-Alt-C and AltGr-C keys to be sent
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 05/16/2018

New features
  • Improved compatibility with some proxies
  • Removed the limits of length to the notes of the reports
  • Added new languages: Japanese, Hindi and Hungarian
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed some Access Violations errors
  • Fixed problem of truncated notes during the CSV export of reports
  • Fixed problem with blocking some keys into VMware or Virtual Box machines

Supremo – 01/29/2018

New features
  • Improved stability and performance
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug preventing Supremo from sending the CTRL+ALT+DEL command on Windows Vista/Server 2008, Server 2012 R2 and Hyper-V 2012 R2 CORE
  • Fixed several Access Violation errors
  • It’s now possible to activate a Supremo client running on Ubuntu Linux with WINE

Supremo – 11/13/2017

New features
  • It’s now possible to configure an access password to the Supremo settings
Fixed bugs
  • “Blank password field” bug affecting some Supremo installations: password and ID won’t change anymore
  • Fixed several Access Violation errors
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 07/11/2017

New features
  • Improved and more reliable copy / paster
  • Better logs
Fixed bugs
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 06/28/2017

New features
  • It’s now possible to switch the sides of the remote control session
  • It’s now possible to add Notes to the Reports (only for subscribers)
  • Added Chinese translation
Fixed bugs
  • Drag ‘n’ drop is now far more reliable
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 11/14/2016

New features
  • It’s now possible to browse local files through Supremo as the active user, not the SYSTEM one
  • It’s now possible to move fullscreen control windows to secondary displays of the controller machine
Fixed bugs
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 9/14/2016

New features
  • Remote reboot
  • Fully bi-directional drag and drop with support to files and folders
  • Fully bi-directional copy/paste with support to rich text, Office content and images
  • The custom executable can now be updated, even from the control window
  • You can now update in real time your custom brand/logo from the Reserved Area

Supremo – 7/25/2016

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug causing an access violation error at the Address Book aperture
  • Fixed the endless “Loading initial screen” bug
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 7/4/2016

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed several bugs causing the Access violation error, specially from the Address Book
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 5/26/2016

New features
  • Added support to USilio
  • You can now remotely run Supremo as administrator, to interact with the UAC dialogs even if Supremo has been launched from a normal user
  • You can now switch between the displays of a multi-display remote machine
  • You can now change the screen resolution of the remote PC
  • You can now capture a screenshot of the remote machine

Supremo – 3/15/2016

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Mirror Driver from starting after the installation
  • Fixed the “Unable to connect to the gateway” error message bug: the message was displayed in case of an unavailable host

Supremo – 2/3/2016

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug with the Squid proxy server
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 12/10/2015

New features
  • New software signing certificate
  • Lithuanian translation added
Fixed bugs
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 09/23/2015

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug preventing Supremo re-connection in some rare scenarios
  • Supremo won’t change anymore the wallpaper size of the remote machine

Supremo – 09/17/2015

New features
  • Supremo is now able to detect the closure of a RDP session and alert the user
Fixed bugs
  • No more “false positive” max connection number reached

Supremo – 07/09/2015

New features
  • A brand new interface
  • Better performance, improved stability
  • Cmdline support introduced
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a ctrl+alt+del bug on Windows Server 2008
  • Many minor bugs fixed

Supremo – 01/08/2015

New features
  • Supremo is now compatible with high-DPI displays
  • You can now switch user on the remote machine without loosing the remote session
Fixed bugs
  • IDs won’t change anymore
  • Fixed “access violation” triggered by the fullscreen mode
  • Supremo doesn’t disable the numlock on the remote machine anymore

Supremo – 11/05/2014

New features
  • Added Dutch translation
  • The control window is now fully resizable
Fixed bugs
  • Addressbook import/export bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes

Supremo – 10/03/2014

New features
  • Added Norwegian
  • Reintroduced import/export functionalities for the addressbook
Fixed bugs
  • Enter and Backspace keyboard buttons now work on the file manager
  • Addressbook custom path now suppports UNICODE characters

Supremo – 07/28/2014

New features
  • Added Catalan
  • Added Armenian
  • Now you can check your ID directly from the tray icon
  • New shareable addressbook
  • Better high-DPI display management
  • Now you can use both specified and random passwords at the same time
  • Now you can make Supremo portable using the /PORTABLE parameter
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Now you can install a mirror driver (dedicated video driver) to improve performance and reduce bandiwidth usage
Fixed bugs
  • Added Catalan language
  • Fixed problems with the keyboard shortcuts during the remote sessions
  • Fixed a bug preventing Supremo from storing the configuration in the ProgramData folder
  • Fixed a control windows resolution bug triggered by the connection to an higher resolution remote machine
  • Now the chat is always on top
  • Fixed a bug preventing Supremo from starting at the Windows boot on XP/2003 Server

Supremo – 04/07/2014

New features
  • Empowered server infrastructure
  • It’s now possible to switch user without loosing connection
Fixed bugs
  • The execution as a service is now more reliable
  • Improved the ID generator algorithm
  • Fixed a bug preventing the tray icon to show up

Supremo – 02/18/2014

New features
  • Added “Run Supremo under SYSTEM account” option
  • Added auto-reconnection functionalities
Fixed bugs
  • Removed erroneous download file size limitation on activated Supremo clients
  • IDs and passwords are more reliable now

Supremo – 02/03/2014

New features
  • Meetings added
  • Better instant search
  • Improved UI
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a visualization bug with high definition displays
  • Other minor fixes

Supremo – 12/10/2013

New features
  • Added Estonian language
  • You can now customize Supremo from your reserved area (only for subscribers)
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug of the file transfer utility with unaccessible files

Supremo – 11/28/2013

New features
  • Added instant search functionalities to the connection form
  • Added an upload basket to facilitate file transfer operations to the control machine

Supremo – 11/15/2013

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug of the service installation on Windows 2003
  • Fixed a bug with the CTRL button

Supremo – 10/28/2013

New features
  • Added Croatian translation
  • No more file transfer size limit for licensed Supremo users
Fixed bugs
  • File manager now uploads correctly to destination folder
  • Password popup stays always on top
  • Improved service reliability

Supremo – 10/14/2013

New features
  • Added a link to the file transfer “Inbox folder” under the menu File
Fixed bugs
  • Addressbook: contacts doesn’t disappear anymore
  • Problem with service installation and updates has been solved
  • Improved reliability

Supremo – 10/01/2013

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug preventing the connection of Supremo as host
  • Improved proxy compatibility
  • Improved UI reactivity upon connection

Supremo – 09/19/2013

New features
  • Supremo final released
  • Added Swedish translation
Fixed bugs
  • Full screen now works correctly

Supremo Beta – 09/13/2013

New features
  • Improved server infrastructure

Supremo Beta – 09/10/2013

New features
  • Added Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian and Bulgarian translations
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug breaking Wine support
  • Fixed a bug preventing the service start on Windows 7 and 8

Supremo Beta – 09/04/2013

New features
  • Added Bosnian translation

Supremo Beta – 07/12/2013

New features
  • Added a link to the newsletter form

Supremo Beta – 07/08/2013

Fixed bugs
  • Russian translation improved

Supremo Beta – 07/05/2013

New features
  • Added Russian translation
  • UI improvements

Supremo Beta – 07/03/2013

New features
  • Under-the-hood improvements

Supremo Beta – 07/02/2013

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a proxy configuration bug

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