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Free for non-professional and/or non-continuous use. For business use and/or without time limits, read here.

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Mobile Assist



Using this client via Wine, you can access to remote PCs, Macs or servers in just a few clicks. No installation or configuration required.


Manage multiple displays and transfer files on the remote machine as if you were sitting in front of it. You can also print files remotely.


Launch remote connections with encrypted data flow and choose strong passwords to grant access to remote devices.


An affordable and easy-to-use multi-platform tool to have all your devices on hand and to guarantee seamless remote assistance to your customers.

Use Supremo for Remote Working



Supremo can be runned on ubuntu 18.04 and newer with the latest stable version of wine. from a linux device you can control windows and macos remote machines. from windows and macos to linux (or linux to linux) screen sharing is allowed only.

Security and protection

Keep your remote sessions safe: all the connection are encrypted with high level security standards and random passwords will be generated at each boot. you can also setup stronger security options to increase the protection for your devices.


Supremo for linux supports cross platform compatibility: using wine you can control windows and macos devices. from windows or macos to linux (or linux to linux as well) screen sharing is supported only.

Hassle-free launch

Both clients use a data transfer protocol which allows you to connect to remote devices without installation or configuration of routers and firewalls.


This client integrates a multi-display manager and a powerful file transfer. in addition you can chat with the remote user. everything you need for an efficient remote support.

Free automatic updates

Enable automatic updates for all your supremo clients in a few clicks. you will be able to always take advantages of the latest features and improvements.

Address book

Store unlimited supremo contacts in your online address book and share them with your partners. this feature is integrated and synced with supremo console, our it management console for supremo and uranium backup. the registration to supremo console is free.

Customizable interface

Supremo can be customized and distributed to your customers. add your brand logo or company details and edit colors: this feature is available for paid plans only.

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