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Supremo is the remote support and endpoint management software for companies, IT professionals and MSPs, delivering a large set of features like:

Unlimited installations

Chat and File Transfer

Mobile Support

Remote Printing

User management

API integration

Unlimited devices

Customizable interface

Contact sharing


Ticket management

Invoice remote support

Unattended access

Online Address Book

Online Reports

Support Queue

Mass Deploy

License Sharing

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Juan M.

CEO – Information Technology and Services

“I give several supports daily and most of them I can solve all the questions without leaving the office.”


Fernando E.

CTO – Legal Services

“Easy install and superb features. It solves my 100% remote support service / server monitoring.”


Rui F.

IT professional

“This software is perfect for our daily work, we give remote support to most of 100 customers. and all with Supremo.”

Why choose Supremo for remote support?

With competitors’ high prices, and lack of flexibility with licensing, there’s never been a better moment to try Supremo. You’ll get a remote support solution with all the top features your team requires and can save up to 70% over your current subscription.

Switching to Supremo is easy whether you need to access your own PC or Mac for remote working or to support your customers’ endpoints.

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