How do Supremo’s plans work?

How do Supremo plans work?

A subscription to a Supremo plan is required for professional purposes and/or for a continuous use.

There are three plans – Solo, Business and Professional – which differ in the number of remote control sessions that can run at the same time (for more information on simultaneous connections, click here) and in some advanced features.

You can subscribe to a plan directly from our e-commerce page . After purchasing, you can activate your licence in your reserved area and obtain the activation code to enter in the Supremo Licence section (click here to check the tutorial about the activation of Supremo).

Use it to activate all your Supremo clients, from which you will provide remote support.
An unlimited number of clients can be activated.
All of our plans include support and updates at no additional cost.

See the Pricing and Plans page for more information about the plans.