Check the health of your devices

In RMM – Monitoring, you can view the error and warning notifications of all the devices you are monitoring, both those in progress and those that are no longer active, following any changes made to the device in question.

In the first section, you can check the notifications in progress and search by type of notification.

You can access the list of notifications for any single device by simply clicking on the device name.

By clicking on the Email notifications button, you can decide which notifications you would also like to receive by email.

If you need to go back to events that had occurred in the past and that have been resolved, you can consult the Monitoring history section and filter the results, by type of notification and time period.

N.B: The error and warning notifications are generated based on the policy assigned to each device. You can define the policy parameters for each device you want to monitor to obtain personalised notifications. For further information, click here.