Why does Supremo detect a commercial use?

/Why does Supremo detect commercial use?
Why does Supremo detect commercial use?2020-09-23T10:46:00+00:00
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After the first 21 days of the free trial, Supremo can be used free of charge for private use only.

This means that the sessions started have a limited duration and frequency and are not linked in any way to the performance of professional functions or to the provision of services to third parties, whether they are individuals or companies, even if they are unpaid. In practice, free use is not permitted in the event of checks of/from PCs belonging to business/professional systems or frequent and/or prolonged connections between devices recognised as private.

Time limits are not disclosed as they are variable and automatically calculated by our control algorithms, which also detect if the controller PC and/or the controlled PC belong to a business/professional system.

However, such commercial use does not prevent the user from taking advantage of a 21-day trial period, which they have access to from the moment they first use Supremo. This allows them to explore the programme first before deciding whether to purchase a subscription plan.

To use Supremo for commercial purposes, you will need to subscribe to a plan. For more information, we recommend you visit this page.

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