Manage and monitor your devices remotely

With RMM you can remotely view, at any time and in real time, all the information relating to your devices. You can check their health status based on specific indicators and get personalised notifications when problems arise by setting your own monitoring policies.

This feature allows you to be up to date of any critical performance or safety issues that arise and to act promptly to solve them, reducing intervention time and ensuring maximum business continuity for your customers.

RMM is available with a Professional licence and consists of three main components: Dashboard, Device Management, Monitoring.

The Dashboard is the central control panel which you can use to quickly check the health status of all your devices, with graphics and indicators. At a glance, you can immediately see if there are any error notifications or warnings for the devices you are administering.

  • In Activated devices, you can see all the devices associated with your account on Supremo Console and for which you have activated the Device Management at the link Activations.
  • In Monitoring you can see a preview of the health status of the machines and of the notifications in progress. The information refers to the devices associated with your account on Supremo Console and for which you have activated the Monitoring feature at the link Activations.

The health status shown in the Dashboard is calculated based on the monitoring policy assigned to each device.

For more information on the Dashboard, click here.

Device Management is the function that allows you to remotely access detailed information for each individual machine, such as its operating system, networks, software, hardware, and system status.

For more information on Device Management, click here.

In Monitoring you can view all the error or warning notifications for performance or safety problems that your devices have. Notifications are generated based on policies that you create and assign to each machine: each policy contains parameters that you can customise independently.

For more information on Monitoring, click here.