Measure and optimise your support

With Support Services Dashboard you can check in real time the overview of the status of assistances requested by your clients and check the workload of your team.

The Dashboard is therefore a useful tool to improve the efficiency of the remote support service you offer and to optimise the resources dedicated to customer support.

The Dashboard shows the number of total tickets received, open, unassigned and expiring tickets, referring to the last 24 hours.

The next line graphically shows the number of tickets and their status, based on 12 months.

In these graphs you can select from the drop-down menu the operator and group of interest to check the number of tickets.

This section shows the average connection duration per service request, the average connection duration per connection, and the number of connections made.

Clicking on “show hours/show number” updates the graph to hours or number of tickets.

By clicking on Options you can choose the overviews you prefer to display.