How to start a connection with Supremo using a link or URL

With Supremo, you can provide seamless remote access to computers and servers.

To remotely connect from a link or URL, follow the steps in this guide.

Connect by manually entering the password

You must launch the link or specific URL (es. supremo://123123123 where 123123123 is the Supremo ID of the remote machine) Insert the Supremo password of the remote machine.

Connect without entering the password

Integrating Supremo in third-party applications like RMM, you can streamline IT workflows and increase efficiency.

Please note: the app, website or any third-party software that needs to start a connection with Supremo by link or URL require the following prerequisites:

  • ID of the remote Supremo client
  • the password
  • ability to hash the password with BCrypt standard before sending it on the endpoint request – – the BCrypt used is: Bcrypt “a” ($2a) with 10 rounds of key expansion (saltRounds=10)
  • API Key to authenticate API requests. The API Key will be provided by Nanosystems (click here to get in touch with us) and will be different for each user/company/software that integrates with Supremo

To start connection without typing password, the third party app that integrates Supremo needs to execute a POST request that returns a unique token. The unique token returned will be passed in the URL that will open Supremo in this way:



  • (all requests must be executed via https protocol)

(used by app, website or software that need to connect to Supremo without typing password, before composing URL supremo://)

  • POST /supremo/addPassphrase/


The request is authenticated by the “x-api-key” header. The value of the “x-api-key” header is the Api Key provided to each user.

Example JSON Body
"bcpassword": "string"

where “bcpassword” is the password hashed with BCrypt function

Example responses

200 (Success)
"otp": "string"

where “otp” is the UNIQUE TOKEN to use on Supremo URL (supremo://?otp=)

403 (Access Denied)
"error": "Access Denied!"

Invalid or empty Authentication Bearer Token

400 (Bad Request)
"error": "Invalid header or body format"

Invalid JSON or header “Content-Type” is not “application/json”

Use case

Supremo Webhooks can be very useful to integrate with systems that can open URLs.

With this integration, providing remote assistance from third-party applications (e.g., RMM and IT Dashboard) becomes quick and easy. When the technicians want to connect to the remote device, they can simply click the button or link containing the URL Handler, and Supremo will automatically open and start a connection.