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Where is my offline Address Book

Starting with Supremo 4, a new and powerful Online Address Book will be available.

Many new features will allow you to:

  • access contacts wherever you are with total mobility and security

  • find out Supremo clients you can connect to thanks to the Online/Offline status

  • share contacts of the Address Book with your assistants and add or edit their information with certainty of having data updated in real time

  • collect, view, filter and export information related to remote control sessions performed with Supremo thanks to Online Reports

Online Address Book is totally free and is available even without a Supremo license.

Contacts into the Offline Address Book can be easily imported on your Online Address Book, following this guide.

If you also want to store contacts locally and use the Offline Address Book (now Local Contacts), follow the procedure below:

Select Contacts from the main interface

execute the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L to enable the button to browse the Local Contacts

and access contacts clicking the highlighted button.

The contacts previously stored into the Offline Address Book will be now available.

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