How Online Reports work

//How Online Reports work

Who performed a specific support session within your company?
How long do you take to complete every singular assistance?
How many assistances have been carried out by your collaborators?
How can you monitor the activity carried out in smart working?

Online Reports are the answer to all your needs and have a two-fold purpose.

In the case of technical assistance, gaining access to connection reports is crucial to enhance your processes, maximize your ROI (Return On Investment), and have accurate billing information.

In the case of smart working, having access to Reports relating to the connections made is useful for obtaining reports on activities carried out in smart working by your employees/collaborators in a few clicks, optimizing times, and without having to request periodic submissions to each user.

Online Reports allow you to collect, view, filter, and export information relating to remote control sessions performed using Supremo, after logging in to your online Address Book synchronized with USilio. The reports collect data about the sessions launched from your Supremo clients and those from the USilio accounts with whom you have shared Groups.

To obtain these reports, you must register all users involved in USilio (which can be done free of charge by clicking here).

NOTE: Online Reports will be only available for subscribers of a Supremo plan and requires to be logged in to the address book.

When viewing the reports online, you can choose the desired display criteria by selecting the Filter Results button: you can check and export the reports by grouping them by group, computer, ID of Supremo, or user who made the connection.

If you simultaneously perform connections from multiple computers to the same customer, you can combine reports by group and, enabling the Exclude simultaneous connections, you can merge all the results with common periods of time.

All reports can also be filtered by user, group, and period of time.

How Online Reports work

In the Settings area, you can enable/disable the reports and define the minimum detection time interval.

How Online Reports work

The user responsible for checking the reports of connections made (“administrator” user) must enter the credentials of the PCs to which the connections to be monitored are made in his own Address Book (in the case of smart working, the PCs of the office; in case of technical assistance, the PCs to which the technicians will have to connect).

If you have to perform the role of “administrator”, always through the Address Book, you have to share with each of your employees/collaborators the contact of the PC to which they must connect (in the case of smart working, the company PC must be shared with each employee/collaborator).

For other users to view only their PC, you must create a group for each one and share it.

By sharing, your USilio account automatically plays the role of “administrator” and you can monitor the connections made by technicians/employees/collaborators to shared PCs (by logging in to USilio from a web browser).

You have to enter the activation code of the Supremo license on all the PCs from which remote connections are launched (in the case of smart working, on the home PCs; in the case of assistance, on the PCs of the technicians).

In summary, the steps to be performed are:

1) all employees/collaborators register with USilio and log in to the Supremo Address Book;
2) the administrator user enters in his Address Book the Supremo credentials of the PCs to which the employees/collaborators must connect;
3) the administrator user shares the employee’s / collaborator’s desktop PC with each of them;
4) the administrator user monitors all connections made to shared PCs.

On the other hand, if you are using a Group that has been shared with you instead, the Group owner will be able to view your reports.


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