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How to run Supremo multiple instances on a Terminal Server

Starting from version 3.4.0, Supremo supports multi-session on Windows Server systems and allow the coexistence of two or more concurrent RDP control sessions (Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Server).

Running the first installation/execution of Supremo on a server machine with the above requirements, the option for multi-session support will already be active.

Otherwise, for installations/runs of previous versions, the option is inactive and should be enabled (from a server administrator) following the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have installed the Supremo service here
  2. From the Tools menu, open the Options panel
  3. Select the Advanced options
  4. Check Enable multi-session support
  5. Supremo Terminal server support

  6. Supremo will be restarted to run in the new mode
  7. Supremo Restart Multisession

From this moment on, each active session on the machine will be reachable by a specific instance of Supremo running.

Supremo Task Manager

The instances executed into the Windows user sessions will have its own access credentials (Supremo ID and Password) while the console session will keep the identifying ones of the machine.

If necessary, you can click on the icon in Your data area to display the message showing the ID of the instance in use and the ID of the console session.

Supremo InfoMessage Terminal Server

NOTE: In case you want to disable the option you can perform the same abovementioned steps and remove the check from the option. Supremo will reboot and the only running instance will remain the same of the console session.

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