10. Why can’t I see in the Supremo Console the Reports of the connections I launched?

The Reports feature allows you to consult the data of connections initiated to the contacts saved in your Address Book. In order to collect this data you need to log into the Address Book in the software and enter your licence activation code. Also, you have to check that the functionality is active in the Supremo Console under the link Remote Support – Reports – Options in the field Enable report for remote sessions.

If you have shared Contact Groups, your collaborators must also perform the above steps if you want to check their connections to the shared contacts.

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All the outgoing connections will now be saved in the Console and will be available under the link Remote Support – Reports.

If, on the other hand, you want to access information on all incoming and outgoing connections to a device, i.e. not only those initiated to contacts in your Address Book, you can use the Advanced Reports available with Supremo Professional.

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