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How to activate license on Supremo

Supremo is a remote control software that allows you to control a PC/server without having to be close to the machine being controlled.
The procedure for activating a license is really simple and takes just a few seconds to complete.

Once the purchase is complete, access your Reserved Area from the site.

please login

and gain access.

On the View/Activate your licenses menu you will find the license you purchased.

Click on Activate License and copy the code that is generated.

The first step, after downloading and starting the program, is to open the menu at the top of the interface under Tools.

Select Activate License

and enter the license number located in your Reserved Area.

Once the code has been entered, you can check the expiring date of your plan.

NB: the machine being controlled does not require a subscription plan.

To take full advantage of all the advanced features of Supremo, consult the tutorials

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