Access and control

Robust remote control and fast, secure data transfer between devices

Unattended access

Just a few clicks to install and gain smooth access to unattended computers or servers.

File transfer

Secure and reliable remote file transfer to share files and folders between computers during remote sessions.

Online reports

Collect, view, filter and export information related to outgoing connections: it’s crucial to manage and improve billing accuracy.

Remote printing

Work on a document stored on a remote device and easily print it to your local printer. All you have to do is enable this feature on the remote device.

Support and customization

Endless customization options suited to the needs of any IT administrator

Online address book

Instantly see if contacts are online or offline without having to connect and get access to their device.

Contacts sharing

Share contacts with your partners to collaborate online and improve remote support services.


You can configure a custom interface with your brand or logo to distribute to your customers.


Live chat tool that runs while the remote desktop connection. Initiate a chat with your customers to optimize assistance and improve workflow.


To make sure you always have the latest features, enable automatic updates for clients running on your devices.

API integration

Configure automatic exchange of the Console data with third-party software.

RMM, Support Queue & advanced features

Use our professional solutions to provide the best service to your customers

Support queue

Activate the Support Queue and receive support requests from your customers.

Automatic & mass deployment

Configure and remotely install Supremo automatically and/or en masse on all devices in your network.

Advanced custom configuration

Create one or more customized Supremo clients with advanced features and with your preferred settings.

Licence usage control

Monitor your license usage in real time by viewing the ID of devices using your license.

Remote device management

View remotely all the information related to your devices at any time and in real time, and check their health status.

Device health check

Define the monitoring policies for your devices and set the health status assessment parameters to receive personalized notifications.

Connections monitoring

Review all incoming and outgoing connections from devices associated with your account.

License sharing

Enable your employees or collaborators to use your subscription plan, without giving them the license activation code.

Remote support invoicing

Calculate the cost of support sessions performed by you or your operators, and automatically receive reports and data useful for billing.

User management

Create and control every single user and operator that is part of your team. Share functionalities with your collaborators.

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