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How to sync and manage your contacts with USilio

USilio is the IT Management Console for Supremo and Uranium Backup. One of its most important functionalities is that it’s able to work as … Read More >>

Run a remote Supremo client as an administrator with a normal remote user

How to run Supremo as Administrator with a remote normal user

When launched by a normal user, Supremo can’t escalate the elevated privileges required to interact with the UAC dialogs. This is a big problem … Read More >>

Supremo Meeting

How to host a Meeting with Supremo

With Supremo we introduced the new Meeting functionality. Launching a Meeting allows you to share your screen to multiple users without giving them the … Read More >>


How to install Supremo as a service (unattended access)

One of the most important features of Supremo is the installation as a service: it allows Supremo to start automatically at the Windows boot making … Read More >>


How to start a control session

Supremo is a remote control software, it allows an user to remotely control a PC/server without the need to be physically near the machine. For … Read More >>

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