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Frequently asked questions

Supremo can be used free of charge, for private use only.
This implies that any sessions launched must have limited duration and frequency and must not be linked in any way to the performance of professional functions or the provision of services to third parties, be they private individuals or companies, even if not paid.
In practice, free use is not allowed when the program is used to control company systems, connections to a private device or those which are continuous and/or long-lasting.
For further information about plans, we suggest you to visit this page

No, in order to control remote PCs / servers for commercial purposes it’s mandatory to subscribe one of our commercial plans. The controlled machine – physical or virtual – doesn’t need a subscription.

Yes, Meetings are available only to subscribers.

Yes, first 21 days of use are free even for commercial purposes.

Yes, you can activate any number of Supremo clients using your activation key. Our servers will check the active remote control sessions you are using and won’t allow you to surpass the maximum number of sessions allowed by your plan.

Yes, you can upgrade your plan from the Reserved Area whenever you want. Note that the Extra Connections will expire along with your Supremo Business plan.

Of course, all the subscribers of a Supremo plan can customize the executable for free and distribute it to their customers. Take a look to our official guide, it explains how to perform the operation. At least 1 activated Supremo plan is required to use the feature.

Supremo is available for Windows, iOS and Android. You can download all the clients from this page. We will introduce a MacOS client during 2019.

Yes, it can, even if the remote user is a normal user. Check this tutorial for this specific case.

Supremo generates outgoing traffic on TCP ports 80 and 443.

Supremo does not require Firewall configuration, but there may be cases in which it is necessary to configure some exceptions. Check here for these specific cases.

Starting from version 3.4.0 Supremo launches Terminal Server support.
Discover more here.

No, it will be introduced later during 2019.

No, it will be introduced later.

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