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Frequently Asked Questions2020-11-03T18:11:36+00:00
  4. Why am I not able to interact with UAC (User Account Control) dialogs?2020-11-03T17:05:29+00:00

UAC is a powerful security feature of Windows but it may cause problems when you are remote controlling a PC. If Supremo runs under the SYSTEM user on the remote machine, it’s able to show and interact with…discover more

  5. Why does Supremo detect commercial use?2020-11-04T09:25:16+00:00

After the first 21 days of the free trial, Supremo can be used free of charge for private use only.
This means that the sessions started have a limited duration and frequency and are not linked in any way to the performance of professional functions or to the provision of services to third parties, whether they are individuals or companies, even if they are unpaid. For more information, we recommend you visit this page.

11. Can I use Supremo free of charge for commercial purposes?2020-11-03T17:06:20+00:00

No. In order to control remote PCs/Servers for commercial purposes, you must subscribe to one of our subscription plans. The controlled machine – physical or virtual – does not require a subscription plan.

12. Must I subscribe a plan to launch a meeting?2020-11-03T17:06:21+00:00

Yes. Meetings are only available to subscribers.

  4. Can I try Supremo before buying it?2020-11-03T17:06:22+00:00

Yes. The first 21 days are free, even for commercial purposes.

  3. How many licences should I purchase if I have multiple PCs/mobile devices to start connections from?2020-11-03T17:06:23+00:00

You can activate an infinite number of fixed and mobile devices with a single licence by entering the activation code on as many Supremo installations as you wish. Our servers will control the number of control sessions that you are using and will not allow you to exceed the limits established by your subscription plan.

  6. Can I extend the maximum simultaneous control sessions after purchasing a Supremo Business plan?2020-11-03T17:06:24+00:00

Yes. It is possible to purchase Extra Connections from the Reserved Area at any time.
Important: Extra Connections expire with the SupRemo Business plan, regardless of the purchase date.

  9. What operating systems can I use Supremo with? Are there Apps for mobile devices as well?2020-11-03T17:06:25+00:00

Supremo is available for Windows, macOS, Linux (running with Wine), iOS and Android. You can download all the clients from this page.

10. Can Supremo interact with UAC (User Account Control) screens?2020-11-03T17:06:28+00:00

Yes. Also in the case, whereby a normal user (local, without administration rights) executes SupRemo on a remote machine. Consult this tutorial dedicated to the specific case.

  8. Can I customize SupRemo with the brand or logo of my firm or company?2020-11-03T17:06:29+00:00

Yes. The function is free of charge for all SupRemo subscribers. This page thoroughly and clearly illustrates the procedure. It is necessary to have at least one active SupRemo plan in order to use the function.

  1. How do Supremo’s plans work?2020-11-04T11:59:14+00:00

Subscription to a Supremo plan is required for commercial use or to start Meetings. There are two plans – Solo and Business – which differ in the number of remote control sessions that can run at the same time…discover more.

  7. How many people can connect to a remote PC at the same time?2020-11-03T17:14:22+00:00

Multiple users can connect to a remote machine at the same time, and everyone can take control of it. However, connected users can act at different times on the remote PC, to avoid overlapping operations.

Unlike Remote Desktop, all users connected to Supremo use the same Windows session.

  2. What does simultaneous connection mean?2020-11-03T17:14:23+00:00

A remote connection indicates the connection between two PCs/servers that are located in different places.

Simultaneous connections therefore indicate connections between distant PCs/servers that occur at the same time. Simultaneous connections can be initiated…discover more

  2. Can I use the copy & paste function between two PCs connected to Supremo?2020-11-03T17:06:26+00:00

You can copy and paste portions of text between two machines connected to Supremo.
It is not possible to use the copy & paste function to transfer files/folders.
Transferring files or folders between the two connected PCs can be carried out using the Drag & Drop function or via the Supremo File Manager . For more information, see this tutorial.

  1. How do I send a CTRL + ALT + DEL command?2020-11-03T17:05:29+00:00

To send a CTRL + ALT + DEL command, go to the upper menu of the control window and click on Control. Then select Send CTRL + ALT + DEL.

  3. Why am I getting the notification “Screen cannot be captured at the moment?”2020-11-03T17:05:13+00:00

The closure or the minimization of the RDP session from which Supremo has been launched, blocks the video stream causing the application to show…discover more

  5. How do I zoom the remote screen?2020-11-03T17:05:15+00:00

If your display resolution is higher than the remote one, just enlarge the window to zoom the content.

  6. How can I use Supremo on Linux?2020-11-03T17:05:16+00:00

It will be possible to activate a Supremo client running on Ubuntu 16.04 (and newer) with the latest stable version of WINE.

NOTE: from a Linux device you will be able to share and control remote screen. From Windows to Linux (or Linux to Linux) it will be supported screen sharing only.

  6. Why doesn’t Supremo start?2020-11-03T17:14:25+00:00

If you double-click on the Supremo.exe executable and nothing happens, follow this procedure…discover more

  7. Why am I experiencing problem with the activation?2020-11-03T17:05:17+00:00

Supremo needs to access the domain in order to validate the activation. If it can’t access…discover more

  8. Why can I no longer use the static password?2020-11-03T17:05:18+00:00

There was probably a corruption of the settings.dat file, located inside the path C:ProgramDataSupremoRemoteDesktop.
We suggest to uninstall the service (if installed), close Supremo, delete the settings.dat file and then re-launch Supremo.
Of course, Supremo must be re-configured. The ID of the machine may also change, in some rare cases.

  3. Why do I get “Unable to connect to the Gateway”?2020-11-03T17:05:21+00:00

The Unable to connect to the Gateway message indicates that Supremo cannot communicate with any of the gateways. This can be due to several reasons…discover more

  5. How do I configure the proxy settings?2020-11-03T17:05:23+00:00

You can configure the proxy settings from the Tools menu -> Connection.

  2. Why do I get “Remote control not allowed”?2020-11-03T17:05:25+00:00

The Remote control not allowed message indicates that the access to the remote machine has been restricted to one or more Supremo IDs and you’re not authorized to control it. To get connected, you need to update the list of allowed IDs in Tools – Security of the remote PC.

  4. What ports does Supremo use?2020-11-03T17:05:25+00:00

From version 4.2.0, the primary port used by Supremo for outgoing connections is TCP port 5938.
Your firewall should therefore allow the use of this port, to ensure the best performance of our software.
If it cannot connect via port 5938, Supremo will try to use TCP port 443.
Android and iOS Apps use TCP port 443.

For prior versions, Supremo generates outbound traffic on the TCP 80 and 443 ports and does not require Firewall configuration. However, there may be cases in need of interventions. When the Firewall is configured so that it also locks the outbound traffic or controls the SSL traffic, it is necessary to insert the * domain into the exceptions.

  1. Why am I getting the message “No host available for the specified ID”?2020-11-03T17:05:26+00:00

The message “No host available for the specified ID” indicates that the remote PC (for smart working, your work PC; for technical assistance, your client’s PC) cannot be reached for one of the following reasons…discover more

  2. Is Supremo compatible with a Windows Server/Terminal Server?2020-11-03T17:05:32+00:00

Starting from version 3.4.0, SupRemo offers Terminal Server support.
Discover more here.

  5. Does Supremo support Wake-on-LAN (WOL)?2020-11-03T17:05:34+00:00

No. It will be introduced later in the future.

  6. Does Supremo support remote printing?2020-11-03T17:05:35+00:00

No. It will be introduced later in the future.

  7. Does Supremo support audio during a remote connection or a Meeting?2020-11-03T17:05:36+00:00

No, it will be introduced shortly.

  4. Can I use Supremo with Windows Remote Desktop?2020-11-03T17:06:15+00:00

Yes, it is possible to use Supremo with the Windows Remote Desktop and interact with the Supremo interface via Remote Desktop. For more information, click here.

  3. Can I start multiple sessions with Supremo on Windows Server systems?2020-11-03T17:06:16+00:00

Supremo can be used in multisession mode on Windows Server systems that allow you to manage two or more concurrent control sessions via Remote Desktop (Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Server). For more information, click here.

  1. Why do I get “Login forbidden” when I try to access the online address book?2020-11-03T17:05:19+00:00

Maybe you’re trying to access the address book with your Nanosystems account, the same used to purchase your Supremo plan from the e-commerce. It doesn’t work more

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