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Customize Supremo with your brand

All Supremo’s subscribers can customize the executable file with their brand/logo in just a few minutes. The operation can be performed from the reserved area and it’s free.

Following a brief guide to the customization of Supremo.

The first step is to access the reserved area:
Supremo branded 01

Then click on Customize Supremo:
Supremo branded 02

On the next page you’ll see a preview of the customized Supremo. Click on Choose file to select the file to upload and then click on Upload:
Supremo branded 03

Supremo branded 04

The logo/brand will be showed on the preview. Click on Save & Download to complete the operation:
Supremo branded 05

And this is the result:
Supremo branded 06

The customized Supremo allows the machine where it’s installed to be remotely controlled but doesn’t allow to control a remote PC/server or host/join Meetings.

Note that the customized executable will be deleted from our servers after a few minutes. It’s your duty to distribute your version of Supremo.

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