Migrate your Customs from our sites to the Supremo Console

In the Supremo Console you can set up customised Supremo profiles, but if you had already created custom versions in your Reserved Area on our website, you can import them into the Supremo Console without having to recreate them.
Login to your Reserved Area on our website, and access Customize Supremo.

Click on Generate migration code to get the code you need to transfer profiles.

Copy the code generated.

Login to the Supremo Console now (click here to register) and select Remote Support – Supremo Custom.

If you do not have an active Supremo Professional license, you need to enter your SOLO or BUSINESS license activation code first.

Then click on the Enter migration code button and paste the copied migration code in the appropriate field:

A confirmation notification tells you the outcome of the migration.

Your profiles will now be available in the Profiles list.

Users to whom you have already deployed your custom clients do not have to do anything on their own devices.

N.B: the migration code is valid for all profiles created under the previous procedure, so you can migrate all of your customised clients in a single operation.